Who We Are

MDV Interactive launched in 2009 as a marketing consulting agency and proving ground for novel marketing  technologies. We focus on providing rapid growth for clients through smart marketing and strategic automation. The MDV Interactive team consists of top-tier business consultants, brand communication and marketing experts.

MDV Interactive also acts an umbrella agency for startup companies funded and organized by MDV. Driven by results and energized by client successes, the company finds strategic solutions for growth. Deep technical know-how helps streamline processes and enable technical integration into business, education, and marketing solutions. As founder Marci De Vries, says:

Let’s do it right the first time.

  • 2020 Fastest Growing Private Companies

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  • MBE/WBE Certified



Our Verticals

MDV Interactive works with clients in these industries:

InsuranceTechnology/ Tech Startup
B to G Technology Solar / Home Services
Commercial Real EstateHigher Education
Medical DevicesHealth Systems

We help our clients build the core competencies needed to meet their goals in marketing, pricing, sales strategy, advertising, media, product development and customer satisfaction.

How We Can Help

The secret is to tell your story in a compelling way, and to do it often and consistently. We’ll show you what we know about doing this well, and help build the language for your own story.

Our Toolkit:

  • Strategic Marketing planning, execution, measurement
  • Market Research assessment, data analysis, developing action plans from findings
  • Graphic Design and Branding Strategy
  • Packaging setting price and defining what you sell
  • Forecasting How your business may change in the next 5 years
  • Advertising planning, deployment and conversion tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring with conversation analysis
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization and advertising
  • Customer Definition and Ad Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking quantifying conversion to lead or sale
  • Social Media campaign development
  • Market Definition Who you should sell to and how to reach them
  • Photography Visuals, Brand Placement
  • Integration conceptualization, development and deployment


We have a solid core of developers, artists, writers, media buyers, and video producers. Our communications campaigns engage and delight customers, with strategy designed to move them through the sales cycle to purchase.

Here are some examples of actual projects we’re working on, posted “rapid-fire”:


  • February – Deployed Microsoft Dynamics enterprise marketing platform and trained sales team on usage for a government contractor.
  • May – Developed AI image recognition system using AWS REKOGNITION for insurance investigation company.
  • June – Launched gated content campaign for lead generation for a government contractor.
  • August – Began social media content campaign for electric vehicle infrastructure advisory.


  • August – Created a private social network for for the self insured boards within the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.
  • January – Agency of record – deployed full print, social media and digital strategy for insurance brokerage.
  • May – HubSpot Gold Level Reseller.
  • June – Deployed full digital marketing campaign focused on virtual events, targeting federal records management agencies working toward M-19-21 compliance.
  • March – Wrote, designed, marketed a white paper about business insurance for lead generation.
  • June – Search Engine Optimization and content marketing for laboratory practices consulting company.
  • January – Agency of record – deployed social media marketing, trade show booths, print marketing, sales support, Podcasts, video presentations, webinars.
  • June – Became master reseller for Reactful software.

  • August – Created brand style guide for solar power company.
  • May – Developed trade show booths for solar power company.
  • September – Developed billing bot system to increase invoicing accuracy for rapid-billing client with Quickbooks/AirTable integration.
  • July – Deployed social media scan system that cannot be detected by social media bots.
  • February – Google Adwords for multiple clients with ROI measured monthly.
  • February – Webmaster for solar panel company and network security companies.
  • January – Volunteer Webmaster for MDInnovate.org, the web site for the Maryland Business Innovation Association.


  • December – Installed HubSpot Marketing CRM for an insurance client.
  • January – Launched social media persona campaign for a federal records digitization initiative.
  • March – Designed van wraps for an electrical company.
  • April – Crafted and printed corporate identity folders for a risk management group
  • May – Created a series of online videos for an insurance brokerage.
  • July – Installed Hubspot Marketing Pro for Fraud Sniffr client.
  • August – Launched Solar Company Web site Redesign.
  • August – Launched New Web Site for a Behavioral Health Clinic.


  • April – Wrote marketing video scripts for a local insurance brokerage and press junket for their strategic acquisition of a benefits provider
  • May – Expanded Solar company from Maryland into New Jersey, Virginia, DC, and Florida with four-state launch in Google Adwords.
  • June – Launched Fraud Sniffr GET 2.0 in a new server-less environment with enhanced speed and functionality
  • September – Began marketing for a risk management summit in Chicago for a captive insurance provider
  • October – Launched employee recruiting campaign for an insurance brokerage.


  • December – Automated an online social media analysis tool for the insurance industry.
  • October – Migrated the operations platform for a construction company to cloud services.
  • August – Provided local project management for a Canadian company as a minority subcontractor in the State of Maryland.
  • April – Developed trade show and marketing/sales calendar for company that services the insurance industry.
  • April – Launched Fraud Sniffr GET, a software tool that improves efficiency for social media investigations.
  • January – Launched multi-state dynamic Google Adwords campaign for top tier solar company in Maryland.


  • August – Created identity and launched Web site for a two alarm companies, one in NJ, one in California.
  • October – Launched Video service through Google Adwords for solar panel client.
  • June – Helped a building products client transition brand through an acquisition and then promoted the new entity in Google Adwords.
  • May – Edited a financial book on how to become a self insured entity.
  • July – Media/PR campaign for the relocation of an insurance company’s headquarters.
  • July – Full re-brand, including renaming a software company.
  • August – Fraud Sniffr marketing yields 10 new enterprise clients.


  • April – Created identity and launched Web site for a new property development company, TRM Realty.
  • May – Developed a brand Hero, positioning and brochure headlines for a large financial services company that is re-branding due to a change in ownership.
  • June – Developed a brand Hero, identity and Web site for a new marketing agency to launch soon in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • July – Deployed a reputation management campaign for Matsuri.
  • August – Created a new brand voice for a building restoration company that recently changed ownership.
  • August – Consulted on Google Adwords campaigns for multiple clients.
  • September – Relaunched Hawkeye Construction Web site.
  • August – Created messaging strategy for RPM Dance.


  • February – Launched comprehensive marketing plan for Levin & Gann PA including radio, SEO, online marketing, and print advertising.
  • January – Web and comprehensive marketing strategy and new web site launched for Vitus Vet.
  • January – Launched the new website for Matsuri.
  • January – Work begins on the MTA Bus First Responders project.
  • Sept – Launched new curriculum for Social Media Marketing at JHU.
  • Nov – Began consulting for the SeeJesus ministry regarding a web site/e-commerce overhaul.


  • December– Began work writing the First Responders manual for the MTA.
  • January – Launched a comprehensive reputation management campaign for HCR.
  • July – Launched the new website for HCR.
  • June – Completed the Roadway Workers Protection manual for MTA.
  • May – Became minority certified for the State of Maryland.
  • February – Launched a new website for Solar Energy World .


  • November – Launched the brand for CARE – the Center for American Racial Equality. The project included logo, collateral pack and new website.
  • October – Launched FraudSniffr, a company that exposes worker’s comp fraud by monitoring claimant’s social media posts.
  • September – Launched Neurexpand  – a brain health center site as well as a book site.
  • September – Launched The Big M – a trade show site for all manufacturing.
  • May – Began writing the Roadway Worker Protection manual for the MTA. Next, we develop all the coursework and in-class presentations.
  • MarchJune Presented social media and project management talks for IABC, AMA, and more.
  • February – Developed and deployed a Facebook ad campaign for Eastec/SME to supplement the social media strategy we have implemented for the past several months.
  • January – Launched an extensive Google Adwords campaign for Solar Energy World. Also took over the production of their print ads for the Baltimore Sun.


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