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500 Facebook friends won’t help you fix your flat tire

Published May 27, 2011 in the Colorado Springs Business Journal (Read this on CSBJ here) It’s a hypothetical scenario of course, that you’d find yourself standing by the side of the highway frantically updating your Facebook status to see if your friends happen to be driving down the same highway and will stop to help… Read more »

Avoid using social media icons for print marketing

Published June 17, 2011 in the Colorado Springs Business Journal (Read this on CSBJ here) The other day I was stuck in traffic on the way to a meeting, and the delivery van in front of me made me burst out laughing. On the back of the van was the “F” icon for Facebook, the… Read more »

Law Firm Marketing Event

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to the LMA about video production and marketing with my good friend Gregg Landry from BlueRock Productions. Here are some pics…

New Viral Campaign — TV this time

I’ve recently been engaged to help build word of mouth/viral activity for a new TV show that’s launching on Fox 45 in a week (March 26th at 1pm to be exact). The task is to drive traffic to the Web site and other social media venues. The project is particularly interesting on a personal level,… Read more »

Moving Fast — RSS Revisited

A few years ago, many of you heard me going on and on about RSS feeds and how the Internet was starting to talk to itself to make content move faster. Now there’s a relatively new innovation called PubSubHubub (or PuSH) that’s changing the game again. It’s a different way of doing RSS feeds —… Read more »

Marci DeVries featured in BBJ as Woman Entrepreneur

MDV Interactive was featured in the Baltimore Business Journal today for the entrepreneurial spirit of founder Marci De Vries. Here’s a snapshot of the article: Read the article in the Baltimore Business Journal here (BBJ subscribers can get the full content)

Laptops Being Replaced by a Younger, Thinner Model

Published August 4 in the Colorado Springs Business Journal Remember the 1979 tune, “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles? Here’s round two: the Smartphone is well on its way to killing the laptop. Everyone’s talking about it, venture capitalists, users, developers, it’s happening.

Tech Talk Article “Borrowing Coolness from the Web”

As coolness expands, content companies tremble by Marci DeVries Published: July 1,2011 in the Colorado Springs Business Journal (Read this on the CSBJ here) So this week I posted a YouTube video of Nappy Roots on my Facebook profile and got immediate rave reviews from my college age nephew. And I started to wonder if… Read more »

Tech Talk: Build trust and keep a crisis out of social media

One recent morning I answered the phone and on the other end of the line I could barely make out a whisper. My ears strained to hear as my client contact said, “Something’s happening. All of our managers were sent out to our retail locations this morning, and I need to know why. Where can… Read more »

Going Viral and Mainstream

The viral videos launched last week for my software client were just picked up by the Baltimore Sun’s Tech Blog See the post here: