Don’t Fear the Epiphanot

Published in the Colorado Springs Business Journal September 9, 2011 Have you ever put up a Facebook status update only to instantly regret it? I’ve done it more than I care to admit, but was pleased to find that the Urban Dictionary has already addressed the sentiment. These statements are called “epiphanots.” According to the… Read more »

500 Facebook friends won’t help you fix your flat tire

Published May 27, 2011 in the Colorado Springs Business Journal (Read this on CSBJ here) It’s a hypothetical scenario of course, that you’d find yourself standing by the side of the highway frantically updating your Facebook status to see if your friends happen to be driving down the same highway and will stop to help… Read more »

Gettin’ Intellectual and Stuff

So I finally found a link to the extensive white paper I wrote for NAIOP about renewable energy business models. It’s called “Rooftop Revenue” and you can get it free by clicking here This whitepaper gave enough credentials to write a Tech Talk column for the Maryland Daily Record about solar energy that was popular… Read more »