Customer Touchpoints

An integral planning component of all social media campaigns is to plot out the customer touch points with your brand, purchase vehicles, salespeople, delivery vehicles and post-implementation. If your company takes the time to carefully think about each time the company touches a customer prior to, during, and after the purchase, you will find that all aspects of the company’s operations are touch points, and they all need consideration from a customer interaction perspective.

When you have all of the touch points identified, the real interesting challenge is to QUANTIFY the interactions. In this exercise, go ahead and rate the interactions on a scale of 1-10, measuring how enjoyable they are/were for the customer, and whether or not each touch point helps the customer move toward a successful and happy sales experience. You can also measure touch point interactions against your company’s strategic goals.

Most of us find these big swoops and gaps in satisfaction, where customers are overjoyed with some aspects of the sale, and others leave them cold.

If there are very unsuccessful touch points, you can bet money that you’ll start hearing about it in Social Media. Here come those comments… for better or worse.