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How to lose 30% of your leads from the Web

Almost all businesses today have some sort of lead generation form on their Website – the forms range from a simple “contact us” form to complex order forms with extensive data detail. And they are incredibly important for new business growth, as we all know. However, when site owners get to the ultimate question regarding… Read more »

Moving Fast — RSS Revisited

A few years ago, many of you heard me going on and on about RSS feeds and how the Internet was starting to talk to itself to make content move faster. Now there’s a relatively new innovation called PubSubHubub (or PuSH) that’s changing the game again. It’s a different way of doing RSS feeds —… Read more »

Laptops Being Replaced by a Younger, Thinner Model

Published August 4 in the Colorado Springs Business Journal Remember the 1979 tune, “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles? Here’s round two: the Smartphone is well on its way to killing the laptop. Everyone’s talking about it, venture capitalists, users, developers, it’s happening.