Social Media Strategy begins with your Reputation

Working in social media has morphed again. Just last year it was still about content, content, content to put out and then re-post across social media venues.

Recently, we have found it is MORE important (the foundation to the campaign) to begin with Reputation Management. This means you our your agency goes out and reads your reviews EVERY DAY in EVERY VENUE and responds to EVERY REVIEW¬†from people who have already experienced your product or service. As far as the Internet goes, an experiencer holds more weight than any marketing collateral will ever have. If someone says they have tried your product/service and it was less than satisfactory, you have a real problem — because in the eyes of the Web, this negative review is as close to truth as it gets.

Furthermore, your competition will try to enter your space with false reviews that you will need to handle delicately. And this is harder than it sounds, because the false reviews are so OBVIOUSLY FALSE (to you) that it is tempting to overreact, which then does double damage to your brand.

So start with Reputation Management as the foundation for your social media strategy, and then build layers on top of a solid reputation. More about the other layers to come.